We're committed to being the supplier of choice for TPIs

We recognise the importance of our TPI partnerships and the integral part they play in the development of our SME sales channel. As we continue to grow as a business, we're always interested to hear from prospective partners.

The first step is to complete the following registration questionnaire and following a review of the information submitted, we will then update you on the next steps in becoming a partner. We aim to carry out this review within 5 working days.

Thank you for your interest.

1. Business Type
2. Operational Office Full Address:
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
3. Date started trading as a TPI:
4. Name and contact details
Primary Contact
Telephone Number
Email Address
5. Credit Check
To assist ScottishPower in making a decision regarding your application, we will automatically carry out a Credit Check via Experian. By ticking this box, you are stating that you are a happy for us to do this check and are able to authorise a credit check.
6. Number of annual meter sales (Acquisitions & Renewals):
Electricity: Profile class 03-04 meters (including group customers which make up to 25 meters):
Total Meters
Average Consumption
Gas: 0 - 146,535 kWh:
Total Meters
Average Consumption
7. Which capture and calculation methods do you use to validate a customer's annual consumption?
(Select appropriate option(s))
Email or portal data confirming actual from incumbent supplier
Customer Bill
Current / last meter reading
Compare with Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
Ask customer for information
8. What evidence do you capture for employees Right to Work in UK:
Do you use AES 256-bit or greater encryption software on data at rest e.g. ScottishPower data stored on your systems or servers?
9. What is your typical Uplift/Commission? (p/kWh)
10. How many staff do you employ?
Lead Generation
Field Sales
12. Do you have Public Liability Insurance (£2m min.)
13. Do you have Employer Liability Insurance (£5m min.)
14. Do you operate as an Aggregator for Sub-Brokers?